Frequently Asked Questions

1. My mother needs to go into a nursing home; how do I get started?

First, contact your mother’s primary care physician to discuss her need for nursing home care. In NYS a PRI & Screen is needed before a person can be admitted into a skilled nursing facility. The doctor will need to write an order for the PRI & Screen. Once the PRI & Screen are completed, have them faxed to Pine Haven Attention Admissions Office: Fax: (518) 672-4721.

2. How many sets of clothing will I need to bring?

We suggest bringing five changes of clothing, a pair of comfortable shoes, and coat or jacket. All articles should be washed, and clearly labeled with the resident's name in permanent ink.

3. How are clothes laundered?

Personal clothing is washed in an industrial washing machine at a temperature of 180-degrees. Clothes should be appropriate for washing and drying in hot temperatures. Avoid bringing clothes that require cold or warm water, special care, or is subject to damage and fading. Family may take your clothes home to wash and dry if you provide a hamper and notify the staff that they will be doing your laundry at home.

4. Is smoking allowed?

Pine Haven is a non-smoking facility. There is no smoking in the building or on the grounds.

5. Will Medicare Part A cover my stay in the facility?

Patients must have a Medicare card that reads "Hospital Insurance". They must also be admitted to the facility with a physician order within 30 days of a three consecutive night hospital stay.
Generally speaking, during the first 20 days of care, Medicare will pay 100%. For days 21-100, a daily co-insurance co-pay is required. Medicare does not cover skilled nursing fees over 100 days.

6. Can I take my loved one home for a visit?

Residents may have a leave of absence only with a physician's authorization, which can be arranged through the nursing staff. Upon arrival and departure, the resident or responsible party must sign the LOA (leave of absence) book, located at the nursing station.

7. Are there telephones in the resident rooms?

Telephone service can be provided for residents, at a cost, through Verizon. Service can be ordered by the Resident of family by calling 1-800-837-4966. You will need to provide Verizon with our billing address (201 Main St. Philmont, NY 12565 and the Residents room number. A telephone device will need to be provided by the Resident or family.

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